I’m only using him for his internet.

I’m only using him for his internet.

Today ive just been watching clannad and playing ac:revelations.
Its only 9:40 and i want to go to bed.
Clannad has got me really depressed, i have a bad headache, my eyes are sore and i just feel like shit.
Fuck, i dont even know what im typing or why but i feel really bad.
Ive never been any good at writing things and i guess this goes to show.
Its scary how having no internet does this to me.
And aparantly ive almost used up all the net on my phone, i will have no internet at all. Fuck fuck.

When I get really angry or upset, I bite myself.

Really hard, enough to draw blood to the skin. 

Whenever I listen to Simple and clean I always get a couple of tears in my eyes.